Q-Cells HQC4 connector pair, SU=20

Výrobca: Q-Cells
Kód produktu: HQC4 connector pair, SU=20
Dostupnosť: Na externom sklade
Bez DPH: 1,72€

What are the advantages of this change?

• By the standardization of connectors of our solar modules, we simplify the installation and planning for our customers.
• The HQC4 connector was designed to perfectly fit our strict standards in design, functionality and quality.
• The HQC4 connector has an IEC and UL certification for a maximum system voltage of 1500 V. There is no need to differentiate between connectors for different system voltages.
• The HQC4 connectors were certified in accordance with all relevant international standards and also passed the strict quality standards of Hanwha Q CELLS.


How you can identify that modules are equipped with HCQ4 connectors?

• You can identify them by checking the connector (Q CELLS and HQC4 is written on the connector).


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